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Our sound guru Hasse made a test of the new Cyclone!

Alexa XT 360°


    Latest Technology

    We stock the latest equipment and technology to ensure our clients have available the right kit for any production needs. Our R&D department prides itself in creating custom made solutions for any job.

    World Class Facilities

    Our Västberga premises holds world class facilities for our clients. They included our welcoming and efficient test tracks, lens calibration rooms and our in house service department.

    Experienced Staff

    With over 22 years in the industry, our knowledge of equipment and our first hand experience on the field we can taylor quotes and offer advise that are key to the smooth running of any production.

    Our Locations

    Over the years we have merged and sought collaborations with Northern Europe’s leading equipment rental houses. In Sweden we are present in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Haparanda (Lapland). Our merger with Angel Films, Helsinki, covers our Finish operations and Angel Films Estonia caters for our clients shooting in Estonia.


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