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About us

About Dagsljus

The skilled people at Dagsljus have been in in the business since its inception in 1991 and have experience of thousands of both large and small productions. Dagsljus continuously invests in the latest technologies and adapts all the new equipment to meet customer requirements. Our goal is to offer and provide the complete services package.

Dagsljus also organises courses for crew, photographers and technicians regarding rigging, electrical safety and more.


Industries Served

  • Long Formats
  • Commercials
  • TV Live
  • TV Eng
  • Music Videos
  • Stills
  • Shorts
  • Documentaries
  • Student Films

Our Locations

Over the years we have merged and sought collaborations with Northern Europe’s leading equipment rental houses. In Sweden we are present in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Haparanda. Our merger with Angel Films, Helsinki, covers our Finish operations and our sister company Angel Films Estonia caters for our clients shooting in Estonia or the Baltic states.


Västberga Allé 60
126 75 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0) 8 503 822 00


Exportgatan 38D
422 46 Hisings Backa, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)31 65 66 80


Företagsvägen 4
953 33 Haparanda, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)70 611 26 00


Angel Films
Sahaajankatu 28
00880 Helsinki, Finland

Phone:+35 (0) 8 9 7594 770


Kopli 35 B
10412 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +37 (0) 2 56628528

Latest Projects

  • RFSL – We Are Suvivors
  • Jag Älskar DIG
  • Steg För Livet

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