Dagsljus now proudly distribute Celere Lenses

Dagsljus now proudly distribute Celere Lenses

Celere Lenses
(Celere is Latin for: Quick, Fast, Swift, Speedy)

Dagsljus is proud to announce that we are now distributors in the Nordic region, Estonia and Lithuania for a new brand of lenses named Celere HS.

What makes the Celere HS lenses different / unique?

  • It is the first set in the world in which all lenses have the same weight, length and diameter. A completely unified set. Everything remains perfectly balanced and lens accessories require no repositioning.
  • The Celere product line was designed from the ground up, using only quality glass and full metal housings. In two words, robust, longevity!
  • All lenses also have a unified T1.5 stop.
  • Interchangeable mounts (Currently in PL-mount and EF-mount).
  • The lenses are also modular, meaning that one can change out the front lens elements for a different desired look, i.e. uncoated.
  • The glass is color balanced to have a neutral look, almost a perfect match to Leica Summicron-C and Summilux-C lenses.
  • The Iris-Diaphragm has 8 leafes, the same as the Cooke S4, S4mini’s, and the Leica Summicron-C’s.
  • The focus throw is a 250 degree rotation with the barrel markings.
  • Feedback online through posts, such as Instagram, Facebook, online reviews and test shoots are that the lenses have a beautiful bokeh, sharp but pleasing – similar to the Super Speeds and Ultra primes, and flares similar to the Ultra primes as well.
  • There are currently 4 lenses, the 25mm, 36mm, 50mm and the 85mm, Hanse-Inno-Tech is now working on bringing out the Celere HS 18.5mm lens later this year.

If you want to know more or have any questions about the Celere lenses, please feel free to contact Dagsljus at anytime. If you need some lenses for testing or need additional information, just let us know.


  • Individual lens € 4,140.
  • Set of lenses 25 / 36 / 50 / 85 mm € 16,560.
  • Optional case for the 4 lenses comes with an extra cost of € 250.
  • Torque Wrench € 195.
  • Celere HS EF Mount € 275.
  • Celere HS Shims set € 60.
  • Delivery according to agreement.
  • 2-year guarantee.

Some details

  • Celere HS-25, 36, 50 ,85 mm / T1.5 metric
  • Aperture Range: T/1.5- T/22
  • Closefocus:  25cm (9.8 inches) – ∞
  • Front Diameter: 85mm
  • Front Filter Thread: 77mm
  • Length/Diameter: 118/90mm
  • Lens Mount: PL- or EF-mount
  • Weight: 1050 g (2.31 lb)

Why Celere?

  • Affordable high-end quality.
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to handle, no bulky lens housings.
  • All lenses have the same weight (only set in the   world!).
  • All lenses are bright and fast, all have a T1.5 stop, high speeds lenses.
  • All lenses have the same fronts, same diameter.
  • Minimal breathing.
  • Manual focus.
  • Vario-mount system: PL-mount, Canon EF-mount.
  • Color matched.
  • 6k lenses.
  • Perfect lenses for fast moving productions.
  • Unified 8 leaf iris module.
  • Built for S35 sensors, but will cover up to Full Frame – Sensors with no Vignetting.
  • All accessories stay in the same position.
  • Uniform length.
  • Great close focus quality.
  • 250 degree focus markings.
  • Focus scale with metric or imperial.
  • Internal focusing lens.
  • Dual focus markings to be read from both sides.
  • Shim kits available for Collimating.
  • Perfect for high speed cameras.
  • High quality specially made front and rear lens caps.
  • Custom cases with laser cut foam.
  • High quality Full Metal Jackets! Durable robust metal housings.
  • Made in Germany.

For more information visit the Celere website.

Dagsljus Filmequipment AB is foremost a rental company but now also distributors of Celere.

For rental: please contact our booking department.
For sales and more information: please contact: thomas.jarn@dagsljus.com

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