Sound Accessories

Sound Accessories

Stands and Booms

Microphone Boom 83 – 312 (short) 130.00 kr
Microphone Boom 99 – 386 (medium)  130.00 kr
Microphone Boom 124– 513 (long)  130.00 kr
Microphone stand  50.00 kr


Sennheiser HD25 50.00 kr


Rycote Babyball GAG 30.00 kr
Rycote Zepp small 40.00 kr
Rycote Zepp medium 50.00 kr
Rycote Zepp Cyclone 50.00 kr


Snake 2x 3pin XLR male + minitele – 2x 3 pin XLR female + minitele 60.00 kr
Snake 2x 3pin XLR female + minitele – 2x 3pin XLR male + 5pin XLR female 60.00 kr
Snake 10pin multi – 2x XLR male + minitele 60.00 kr
Snake 10pin multi – 2x 3pin XLR male + 5pin XLR female 60.00 kr
XLR 3 pol Microphone Cable 10m 15.00 kr
XLR 3 pol Microphone Cable 5m 10.00 kr
XLR 3 pol Microphone Cable 3m 10.00 kr
XLR 3 pol Microphone Cable 2m 10.00 kr
XLR 3 pol Microphone Cable 1m 10.00 kr
5pin XLR male – 2 phono  15 kr
5pin XLR male – minitele   15 kr
5pin XLR male – 3pin XLR female   15 kr
5pin XLR male – 2x 3pin XLR female  15  kr
5pin XLR female – 2x 3pin XLR male  15  kr
3pin XLR female – minitele 15  kr
3pin XLR male – minitele  15  kr


Kit Battery <2x IDX NP1 Kit incl 2xbatt, 1xcharg>  70.00 kr
Kit Battery <3x Sony NP-QM91D, 1xcharg> 60.00 kr
4x AA 1,5V   40.00 kr
4x AAA 1,5V   40.00 kr


Ambient Clockit Controller ACC 501 300 kr
Ambient Clockit Timecode Slate ACD 301 300 kr
Ambient Lockit ACL 203 200 kr
Ambient Lockit ACL 202CT 200 kr
Ambient Tiny/Lockit ACN-TL 200 kr

Sound Dampening

Dampening Blanket Heavy (Grey / Black) 40.00 kr
Dampening Blanket Light (Grey) 20.00 kr

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